There are quite a few advantages, including the following:

• Security. The SCOTTLOCK™ is incredibly strong made of 100% American Steel (made in the USA). Several officers described the recommended set up as "overkill."
• Price. Compared with many other mounting/storage systems, the SCOTTLOCK™ is considerably less money.
• Installation. The agency does NOT need mechanics at the garage to spend hours installing a permanent mount or lock-box. This reduces the overall cost.
• Flexibility. The SCOTTLOCK™ is the only security/retention system available that allows the user to decide how and where they store their rifle.
• Cost. What is the cost of not having the rifle with you when you need it? What is the liability of having a rifle stolen from your house or vehicle?

Yes it can!  There are four holes in the base plate that can be used to permanently affix the unit to a wall.  Many of our customers also permanently mount a heavy duty magnet to the wall which keeps the SCOTTLOCK™ portable while still attaching it to the wall.

See our warranty page.

No, we only manufacture the SCOTTLOCK™ (100% in the USA). However, we have tested multiple locks, chains, and cables. The accessories we provide meet our company's strict quality standards. Feedback from the field has been excellent. Although you can find less expensive locks/chains/cables, it is unlikely you will obtain better quality at these prices. You get what you pay for...

The SCOTTLOCK™ is heavy because it is made of American Steel. The plates and pins are steel. They are covered by a military-grade polymer which protects the rifle and the SCOTTLOCK™. Suck it up buttercup!

Yes, we offer discounts to first responders and members of the US Military. See our VIP page for details.

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