Scott Myers and Scott Levin are the inventors of the SCOTTLOCK™. 

They have both been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years. Both of their careers have focused on tactical environments and they have been friends throughout. 

Scott Myers is currently a shift commander (Lieutenant) at a municipal agency in Florida.  He has been a cop for over 23 years and has been on the SWAT team for the last 18.  He has been a Sniper since 2012.  Myers spent several years on the US Marshall's Fugitive Task Force and later was a member of the FBI's Violent Crime Task Force.  He started his law enforcement career at the University of Florida PD while completing his MBA.

Scott Levin is currently assigned to the K9 unit at a municipal agency in Florida.  He is working his third dual purpose patrol dog.  He has 24 years of police experience and was a SWAT member for over 15 years (Sniper for 13 of them).