In early 2018 Sergeant Scott Myers & K-9 Officer Scott Levin responded to one of the nation's worst school shootings. Sgt. Myers  was one of the first officers on scene.  He had to make a split second decision of whether to get his SWAT rifle out of the hard case in his trunk, or take on the shooter (who was armed with an AR-15) with his handgun.  Recognizing that every second mattered, he decided to forego his rifle and went into the school without it. 

Ever since that tragic day, the decision he was forced to make has weighed heavily on him.  Bringing only a handgun to a gun fight is not nearly as good as bringing both a rifle and a handgun. 

There had to be a better way.  He believed a portable AR-15 security/retention system could be designed that would allow officers to have rapid access to their rifle yet strong enough to keep it from being stolen when a permanently installed system is not appropriate (unmarked cars, rentals, leases, pool vehicles, personal vehicles, etc).  He sketched out a few ideas and then met up with his co-worker (and future business partner), Scott Levin. 

Together, they designed, refined, and eventually manufactured the SCOTTLOCK™.   

Both Scotts believed that in order for the product to be successful, it had to excel in several categories.  First, it had to be tough.  Cops demand tough.  After a brutal testing phase, they decided heavy duty steel plates and steel pins along with welded construction accomplished this first requirement.  Second, it had to be portable.  Myers and Levin realized that no device on the market could move from one vehicle to the next.  Or from front seat to backseat to trunk. 

The SCOTTLOCK™ easily meets this necessity, as it can be used anywhere a cable or chain can be anchored.  The final requirement was that it had to be affordable.  Officers around the country may be forced to buy their own SCOTTLOCK™ if their agency is unable/unwilling to purchase it for them.  At under $200 (and with an additional discount for current/retired military & first responders), both Scotts hit their third target.