Using the SCOTTLOCK™ is simple.  Follow these intuitive instructions to protect you and your rifle. 

  • Never use the SCOTTLOCK™ on a rifle with a round in the chamber.
  • Make sure the rifle is on "SAFE." 
  • Verify that the chamber is empty.  Magazine out, bolt back, visually and physically confirm that the chamber is empty.  Close the rifle's ejection port dust cover if it has one.
  • Double check that the rifle is on "SAFE."
  • Optional - Make the rifle "Patrol Ready" (bolt closed on an empty chamber, magazine loaded, safety engaged).  With the bolt forward and rifle on safe, insert the magazine.  Refer to your Department's policies in regards to storing your patrol rifle ("Patrol-Ready").
Step One
Anchor one end of the cable or chain leaving the free end to be secured to the SCOTTLOCK™.  One method for use in a vehicle is wrapping the cable/chain around a seat track and then inserting one end of the cable/chain through the other creating a loop around the seat track.  This will leave the other end of the cable/chain free to be secured to the SCOTTLOCK™.
Step Two
Lay the base-plate on a flat surface with the three pins facing up.  The notch on the base-plate should be at the top left and the steel safety plates should be at the bottom and at the left. 
Step Three
You may loop the free end of the cable/chain over the rear pin (or you may attach the free end of the cable/chain to the padlock in step 7). 
Step Four
Lay the rifle (ejection port down & magazine release button down) over the pins so the thin front pin is just in front of the magazine well and the locking(center) pin with the hole is in-front of the trigger.  The rear pin should be just behind the handle. 
Step Five
Place the top plate over the pins until it is flush with the rifle.
Step Six
Insert your padlock through the hole in the locking pin (you may have to exert a little downward pressure on the top plate to compress the foam).
**OPTIONAL** Prior to locking the padlock, insert the free end of the cable/chain onto the padlock if you did not loop it over the rear pin in step 3
Step Seven
Secure the padlock.  

Click Here to download these instructions. 


Several tips from officers currently using the SCOTTLOCK™:

-Practice unlocking the padlock to improve your speed.
-Cover the rifle with a towel/blanket when not actively working.
-If using a keyed padlock, have the key easily accessible (a retractable lanyard works great).