The Team at SCOTTLOCK™ has tested multiple configurations of the locking device with many different cables, chains, and locks. One of the great attributes of the SCOTTLOCK™ is that the end user can choose what configuration of accessories will meet their specific needs. If the agency wants their entire department to use a specific keyed padlock that are all keyed alike, we can accommodate the agency. If an agency wants a combination lock all set the same, not a problem. If an agency prefers a chain or prefers a cable (or both), we can supply them both. There is plenty of flexibility to the SCOTTLOCK™. However, the two most common configurations that we recommend are:

  • BEST SECURITY - pairing the SCOTTLOCK™ with the HEXCHAIN and high security (7/16" shackle diameter) padlock provides the most security for the rifle. Attempting to defeat this combination via common tools (bolt cutters, screw drivers, knives, hammers, etc.) is virtually impossible.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY - pairing the SCOTTLOCK™ with the 15mm Security Cable and high security (7/16" shackle diameter) padlock is more flexible when compared with the HEXCHAIN as the cable is 8' long.
  • Many customers are using the Cable to secure their SCOTTLOCK™ equipped AR-15 inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle for daily use and transfer the SCOTTLOCK™ to the HEXCHAIN in the trunk for overnight/long-term security.

NoteNo locking device is indestructible and/or undefeatable. A thief with the appropriate tools and time can overcome any locking mechanism. The SCOTTLOCK™ is guaranteed for craftsmanship and functionality. If you do not like your SCOTTLOCK™, send it back for a full refund within 30 days. If your SCOTTLOCK™ is damaged for any reason, send it back for free repair or free replacement over it's lifetime. This guarantee does not extend to your rifle or any rifle accessories. It also does not guarantee that the SCOTTLOCK™ can not be defeated.