The SCOTTLOCK is constructed of two steel plates covered with an industrial grade protective coating.  Your rifle is sandwiched between a layer of protective foam.  Designed, developed, and deployed by active duty Law Enforcement / SWAT personnel.  It will protect all* AR-15's, without damaging them. 

  • Made in the USA with all American components (100%)

  • Patent Pending

  • Fits mil-spec AR-15 rifles (.223 and .556 calibers)

  • Weights approximately 4.2 lbs

  • Approximately 8.5" x 3.25"

  • Prevents manipulation of the trigger, safety, magazine release, and assembly pins

  • Water and solvent resistant

  • Works with many different types of locks (keyed, combination, etc) from 7mm shackle to 11.1mm shackle

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Lock, cable, and rifle not included ;-)

*Rifles fitted with the aftermarket MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER™ cannot be secured with the SCOTTLOCK