Truck Gun - Instruction Videos

The most efficient way to secure your AR-15 rifle in your truck/vehicle.

  • Requires no modification to your truck/car/RV/boat!
  • Reduces the risk of theft.
  • Provides a huge deterrent to vehicle burglars.
Step One
Loop the chain around the seat track.
      (Close up view of seat track)
Step Two
Loop the small end of the chain through the big end of the chain creating an anchor to the seat.
Step Three
Loop the free end of the chain over the rear pin of the SCOTTLOCK™.  Then place the AR15 rifle ("Patrol Ready" condition) in the SCOTTLOCK

Note: NEVER place a rifle with a round in the chamber on the SCOTTLOCK™.

Step Four
Secure the SCOTTLOCK with the top plate and the padlock.
Step Five
Lower the seat.
 Click Here to Download Instructions.