SCOTTLOCK™ Portable AR15 Rifle Lock

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The SCOTTLOCK™ AR15 Rifle Lock is an incredibly robust portable security system created to protect a police officer's tactical AR-15 rifle while keeping it close at hand.  SCOTTLOCK™ was designed by law enforcement officers with tactical situations in mind.   Having your AR-15 in a case in your trunk is not helpful when seconds count.  Have it with you.  Lives depend on it.


The SCOTTLOCK™ is constructed of two steel plates covered with a military-grade polymer coating.  Your rifle is sandwiched between a layer of protective foam.  Designed, developed, and deployed by active duty Law Enforcement / SWAT personnel.  It will protect all* AR-15's, without damaging them.  

    • Made completely in the USA
    • Patent Pending
    • Fits mil-spec AR-15 rifles (.223 and .556 calibers)
    • Fits limited number of 9mm AR pistols (contact us for details)
    • Weights approximately 4.2 lbs
    • Approximately 8.5" x 3.5"
    • Prevents manipulation of the trigger, safety, magazine release, and assembly pins
    • Water and solvent resistant
    • Works with many different types of locks (keyed, combination, etc)
    • Excellent method to display your rifle and keep it secure
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Lock, cable, and rifle not included ;-)
    • Accessories available - Click Here !!

*Rifles fitted with the aftermarket MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER™ cannot be secured with the SCOTTLOCK™ without modifying the locking pin.  Contact us at info@scottlockusa for specific details.


Seconds Count.
Lives Matter.


Much more rugged and secure than I expected!  After a little practice, super quick to get my rifle.  Great product!

Mike (New York SWAT) (Not NYPD)

The SCOTTLOCK™ is really great.  It is like I have a holster for my rifle!

SWAT member

Customer Reviews

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Steven Malphurs
Strong and Secure

The ScottLock arrived very quickly. The device is very well made and very strong. Overall I am very happy with it. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is the Trimax keyed padlock I bought with it can be easily lock picked with the right tool.

Melvin Adam

This is just what I was looking for

Thomas W.
Peace of mind

I am a first responder in a major metro city. Even with large police force, I am solely responsible for getting to and from work safely. My POV is accessible for burglary while I work.

The SCOTTLOCK w/chain allows me to secure a long gun in my POV while I work my shift. If a car thief is equipped to remove this HD system, they earned in my opinion. This is a quality product, don’t be cheap, buy it.

Robert Hoffman

The best lock on the market that I could find for an AR15.

Robert Monroe

Very heavy duty.