SCOTTLOCK™ LE (Law Enforcement) Portable AR15 Rifle Lock
SCOTTLOCK™ LE (Law Enforcement) Portable AR15 Rifle Lock

SCOTTLOCK™ LE (Law Enforcement) Portable AR15 Rifle Lock

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The SCOTTLOCK™ LE AR15 Rifle Lock is an incredibly robust portable security system created to protect a police officer's tactical AR-15 rifle while keeping it close at hand.  SCOTTLOCKLE was designed by law enforcement officers with tactical situations in mind.   Having your AR-15 in a case in your trunk is not helpful when seconds count.  Have it with you.  Lives depend on it.


The SCOTTLOCK™ LE is constructed of two hardened steel plates covered with a military-grade polymer coating.  Your rifle is sandwiched between a layer of protective foam.  Designed, developed, and deployed by active duty Law Enforcement / SWAT personnel.  It will protect all* AR-15's, without damaging them.  

    • Made completely in the USA
    • Hardened steel
    • Patented
    • Fits mil-spec AR-15 rifles (.223 and .556 calibers)
    • Fits limited number of 9mm AR pistols (contact us for details)
    • Weights approximately 4.2 lbs
    • Approximately 8.5" x 3.5"
    • Prevents manipulation of the trigger, safety, magazine release, and assembly pins
    • Water and solvent resistant
    • Works with many different types of locks (keyed, combination, etc)
    • Excellent method to display your rifle and keep it secure
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Lock, cable, and rifle not included 
    • Accessories availableClick Here !!

*Rifles fitted with the aftermarket MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER™ cannot be secured with the SCOTTLOCKLE. You can remove the B.A.D. LEVER to use the SCOTTLOCK™ LE.


Seconds Count.
Lives Matter.

Customer Reviews

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Scott in Houston
Works as described. Very Happy.

I love this lock, compared to floor mounted bracket systems. With this lock, your rifle is still mobile and can be positioned different ways, depending on how much room you have. You put your own lock on, so you can get as beefy as you want, (and will fit), no handcuff key override, which are easily pickable or opened with readily available keys. Also, it does not fit around your optics, so unlike standard mounting brackets, it will work with rifles with optics attached. The only way they are getting into this would be with a grinding wheel, and that would be very awkward inside a vehicle. Definitely stops the quick smash and grab thieves. I have been looking for something like this for a while.

John Peterson
Great Solution!

I ordered this for my BCM Reece 16 California Compliant with AR MagLock and Kingpin. It fits great with no issues. The Scottlock transports easily from home to vehicle and back and keeps it secure the whole way. It is very sturdy and easy to use. Highly recommended!

ScottLock Excellent Choice

Wanting to secure by AR-15, I did quite of bit of research on the subject. I was fortunate to locate ScottLock. It virtually renders the AR totally inoperative to any unauthorized or underage person, while allow quick access for the owner. I am highly recommending this product; especially to law enforcement and security personnel. The general public would be well advised to secure their AR firearm as responsible owners with this quality built tool.

Thomas Gulamerian

Solidly crafted. Fits securely.

12 Years in the Security Industry

The feeling knowing that my Rifle will be secured, is a good day every day.


Much more rugged and secure than I expected!  After a little practice, super quick to get my rifle.  Great product!

Mike (New York SWAT)(Not NYPD)
New York

The SCOTTLOCK™ is really great.  It is like I have a holster for my rifle!

SWAT member

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