Super Sesamee High Security Padlocks K637

Super Heavy Duty High Security Combination Padlock

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Features and Benefits

* Industrial Strength Combination Lock 
* Resists Hammer and Re-bar Attacks 
* Hardened Steel Full Metal Jacket
* Hardened Steel Full Metal Jacket Shroud 
* Weather Resistant Black Electro-coating 
* 7/16” Chrome Plated Molybdenum Shackle 
* Inside Shackle Clearances: 1” wide by 2 " high
* Shackle Pull Strength: 2,750 pounds

Seconds Count.
Lives Matter.

Customer Reviews

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Rob F
Great alternative!

Great portable alternative to the “installed” locks. Far more cost effective, and no installation fees. Can even put the whole thing in you rifle case, so rifle is totally concealed in vehicle.

Samuel H
LE Lock

First of all, yes it’s expensive. You spend money on what you value, so pony up.
The housing is high quality and well designed. Weight is solid but not overly cumbersome. The Sesamee padlock is overkill, which is exactly what I wanted.
This would pass for duty, home, or personal use in any logic-oriented environment. 5/5 from me after about a month of use.

Mike F.
Ft Knox of Locks

The strongest padlock I’ve ever seen!

Mike B
Scott lock

Awesome product

Alex B
300 Black Out Travel Set Up

Great quality locking system. very easy to use. My weapon system feels very secure in my vehicle while traveling with my family and to the range. Customer service is amazing. From the moment i viewed the item on my social media platform it has been great communication between myself and the SCOTTLOCK staff.
Within hours of inquiry and my questions was answered and issues had been resolved.
Example being my inability to master the combination. A member SCOTT LOCK staff contacted me immediately and assisted me over the phone with no additional charge.


Much more rugged and secure than I expected!  After a little practice, super quick to get my rifle.  Great product!

Mike (New York SWAT)(Not NYPD)
New York

The SCOTTLOCK™ is really great.  It is like I have a holster for my rifle!

SWAT member

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