Rigid Molle Panel X - 15.25 X 25 RMPX™

Rigid Molle Panel X - 15.25 X 25 RMPX™

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RMPX Series™ made from 3/16" Aluminum with a Powder Coated finish for durability. With the same design and dimensions, the RMPX Series™ will be compatible with all existing and future RMP Straps™, RMP Backer Plates™, RMP™ Fasteners and other accessories. 

NOTE - No attachments included.

RMP Seatback Tool / Rifle Rack and Organizer

- Simple no drilling / no tools installation and removal that can be completed in under 60 seconds

- Universal fit, check compatibility chart for sizing

- Lockable with addition of cable lock around seat base

- Heavy Duty Rigid Panel prevents sagging

- Attach MOLLE style pouches to organize your gear

- Customize with Adhesive Backed Loop to accept Velcro Hook Pouches

- Use GMT backer plates to hard mount tool and rifle racks

- 0.25" holes on edge for mounting with screws

- 1" slots for attaching 1" Webbing Mounting Straps and Handles

- 0.563" holes on corners accept Push Button QD Swivel Mounting Straps

- D-Ring style straps require removable headrest

- 24in "Top" style strap loops around any headrest

    The Heavy Duty RMP was designed for modular organization on a rigid platform that allows vertical organization without sagging on vehicle seat backs. Quick access to your gear is enhanced by the consistent positioning and customizable layout. Attached to any vehicle seat without having to drill or bolt on, it gives you the tactical ability to organize your mission critical gear on an interchangeable platform that can be swapped out or quickly reorganized as the mission changes. 

    Military, Law Enforcement, ranchers and hunters commonly utilize this configuration to provide quick access weapon storage in addition to keeping other tools and gear within arms reach from the driver or rear seat.

    Already in use with a wide array of United States and International Military, Federal Agencies, Local Fire, Rescue, EMT and Law Enforcement users, this is a combat and field proven system for saving lives by decreasing reaction time when seconds count. 

    SCOTTLOCK™ not included, must be purchased separately!

    Seconds Count.
    Lives Matter.

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    Much more rugged and secure than I expected!  After a little practice, super quick to get my rifle.  Great product!

    Mike (New York SWAT)(Not NYPD)
    New York

    The SCOTTLOCK™ is really great.  It is like I have a holster for my rifle!

    SWAT member


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