Trimax™ Hardened 64mm (rekeyable) Padlock
Trimax™ Hardened 64mm (rekeyable) Padlock

Hardened 64mm (rekeyable) Padlock

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Features and Benefits 

* Industrial Strength Keyed Lock (comes with three keys)
* Resists Hammer and Re-bar Attacks 
* Hardened Steel Full Metal Jacket 
* Inside Shackle Clearances: 1” wide by 2.25 " high with an 11mm diameter shackle.

This lock is available keyed alike for multiple lock purchases if needed.  Contact us via email for details.

Seconds Count.
Lives Matter.


Much more rugged and secure than I expected!  After a little practice, super quick to get my rifle.  Great product!

Mike (New York SWAT) (Not NYPD)

The SCOTTLOCK™ is really great.  It is like I have a holster for my rifle!

SWAT member